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  • Global PP market faces multiple challenges.

    Recently, market participants predicted that the supply and demand fundamentals of the global polypropylene (PP) market will encounter many challenges in the second half of 2022, mainly including the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Asia, the start of the hurricane season in the Americas, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In addition, the commissioning of new production capacity in Asia may also affect the PP market structure. Asia’s PP oversupply concerns.Market participants from S&P Global said that due to the oversupply of polypropylene resin in the Asian market, production capacity will continue to expand in the second half of 2022 and beyond, and the epidemic is still affecting demand. The Asian PP market may face challenges. For the East Asian market, S&P ...
  • Starbucks launches biodegradable ‘grounds tube’ made of PLA and coffee grounds.

    Starbucks launches biodegradable ‘grounds tube’ made of PLA and coffee grounds.

    Starting from April 22, Starbucks will launch straws made of coffee grounds as raw materials in more than 850 stores in Shanghai, calling it “grass straws”, and plans to gradually cover stores nationwide within the year. According to Starbucks, the “residue tube” is a bio-explainable straw made of PLA (polylactic acid) and coffee grounds, which degrades more than 90% within 4 months. The coffee grounds used in the straw are all extracted from Starbucks’ own coffee. use. The “slag tube” is dedicated to cold drinks such as Frappuccinos, while hot drinks have their own ready-to-drink lids, which do not require straws.
  • Introduction about Zhongtai PVC Resin .

    Introduction about Zhongtai PVC Resin .

    Now let me introduce more about China’s biggest PVC brand: Zhongtai. Its full name is : Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co. , Ltd, which is located in Xinjiang Province of western China. It is 4 hours distance by airplane from Shanghai.Xinjiang is also the biggest province in China in terms of territory. This area is abundant with nature sources like Salt,Coal,Oil,and Gas. Zhongtai Chemical was established in 2001,and went to the stock market in 2006. Now it owns around 22 thousand employees with more than 43 subsidiary companies. With more than 20 years’ high speed development, this giant manufacturer has formed following products series: 2 million tons capacity pvc resin, 1.5 million tons caustic soda,700,000 tons viscose, 2. 8 million tons calcium carbide.  If you want to tal...
  • Alpha-olefins, polyalpha-olefins, metallocene polyethylene!

    Alpha-olefins, polyalpha-olefins, metallocene polyethylene!

    On September 13, CNOOC and Shell Huizhou Phase III Ethylene Project (referred to as Phase III Ethylene Project) signed a “cloud contract” in China and the United Kingdom. CNOOC and Shell respectively signed contracts with CNOOC Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd., Shell Nanhai Private Co., Ltd. and Shell (China) Co., Ltd. signed three agreements: Construction Service Agreement (CSA), Technology License Agreement (TLA) and Cost Recovery Agreement (CRA), marking the start of the overall design phase of the Phase III ethylene project. Zhou Liwei, member of the CNOOC Party Group, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of CNOOC Refinery, and Hai Bo, member of the Executive Committee of Shell Group and President of Downstream Business, attended an...
  • Luckin Coffee will use PLA straws in 5,000 stores nationwide.

    Luckin Coffee will use PLA straws in 5,000 stores nationwide.

    On April 22, 2021 (Beijing), on Earth Day, Luckin Coffee officially announced a new round of environmental protection plans. On the basis of the full use of paper straws in nearly 5,000 stores across the country, Luckin will provide PLA straws for non-coffee ice drinks from April 23, covering nearly 5,000 stores nationwide. At the same time, within the next year, Luckin will realize the plan to gradually replace single-cup paper bags in stores with PLA, and will continue to explore the application of new green materials. This year, Luckin has launched paper straws in stores nationwide. Due to its advantages of being hard, foam-resistant, and almost free of odor, it is known as the “top student of paper straws”. In order to make the “ice drink with ingredients” t...
  • The domestic paste resin market fluctuated downward.

    The domestic paste resin market fluctuated downward.

    After the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the early shutdown and maintenance equipment resumed production, and the domestic paste resin market supply has increased. Although the downstream construction has improved compared with the previous period, the export of its own products is not good, and the enthusiasm for the purchase of paste resin is limited, resulting in paste resin. Market conditions continued to decline. In the first ten days of August, due to the increase in export orders and the failure of mainstream production enterprises, domestic paste resin manufacturers have raised their ex-factory quotations, and downstream purchases have been active, resulting in a tight supply of individual brands, which has promoted the continuous recovery of the domestic paste resin market. East...
  • Chemdo’s exhibition room has been renovated .

    Chemdo’s exhibition room has been renovated .

    At present, the entire exhibition room of Chemdo has been renovated, and various products are displayed on it, including PVC resin, paste pvc resin, PP, PE and degradable plastic. The other two showcases contain different items which are made from the above products such as: pipes, window profiles, films, sheets, tubes, shoes, fittings, etc. In addition, our photographic equipment has also changed to better ones. The filming work of the new media department is in progress in an orderly manner, and I hope to bring you more sharing about the company and products in the future.
  • ExxonMobil Huizhou ethylene project starts construction of 500,000 tons/year LDPE.

    ExxonMobil Huizhou ethylene project starts construction of 500,000 tons/year LDPE.

    In November 2021, ExxonMobil Huizhou ethylene project held a full-scale construction activity, marking the entry of the project’s production unit into the full-scale formal construction stage. ExxonMobil Huizhou Ethylene Project is one of the first seven major landmark foreign-funded projects in the country, and it is also the first major petrochemical project wholly-owned by an American company in China. The first phase is planned to be completed and put into operation in 2024. The project is located in Daya Bay Petrochemical Zone, Huizhou. The total investment of the project is about 10 billion US dollars, and the overall construction is divided into two phases. The first phase of the project includes a flexible feed steam cracking unit with an annual output of 1.6 million tons...
  • Macro sentiment improved, calcium carbide fell, and PVC price fluctuated rising.

    Macro sentiment improved, calcium carbide fell, and PVC price fluctuated rising.

    Last week, PVC rose again after a short period of decline, closing at 6,559 yuan/ton on Friday, a weekly increase of 5.57%, and the short-term price remained low and volatile. In the news, the external Fed’s interest rate hike stance is still relatively hawkish, but the relevant domestic departments have recently introduced a number of policies to bail out real estate, and the promotion of delivery guarantees has improved expectations for real estate completion. At the same time, the domestic hot and off-season is coming to an end, boosting market sentiment. At present, there is a deviation between the macro-level and fundamental trading logic. The Fed’s inflation crisis has not been lifted. A series of important U.S. economic data released earlier were generally better than expected. C...
  • McDonald will try plastic cups made from recycled and bio-based materials.

    McDonald will try plastic cups made from recycled and bio-based materials.

    McDonald’s will work with its partners INEOS, LyondellBasell, as well as polymer renewable feedstock solutions provider Neste, and North American food and beverage packaging provider Pactiv Evergreen, to use a mass-balanced approach to produce the Recycled solutions, trial production of clear plastic cups from post-consumer plastic and bio-based materials such as used cooking oil. According to McDonald’s, the clear plastic cup is a 50:50 blend of post-consumer plastic material and bio-based material. The company defines bio-based materials as materials derived from biomass, such as plants, and used cooking oils will be included in this section. McDonald’s said the materials will be combined to produce the cups through a mass balance method, which will allow it to measu...
  • What is degradable plastic like PLA and PBAT?

    What is degradable plastic like PLA and PBAT?

    Degradable plastic is a new type of plastic material. At the time when environmental protection is becoming more and more important, degradable plastic is more ECO and can be the replacement for PE/PP in some ways. There are many types of degradable plastic, the most widely used two is PLA and PBAT, PLA’s appearance is usually yellowish granules, the raw material is from plants like corn,sugarcane etc. PBAT’s appearance is usually white granules,the raw material is from oil. PLA has good thermal stability, good solvent resistance, and can be processed in many ways, such as extrusion, spinning, stretching, injection, blow molding. PLA can be used to: straw, food boxes, non-woven fabrics, industrial and civilian fabrics. PBAT has not only good ductility and elongation at break, but also ...
  • The peak season starts, and the PP powder market trend is worth looking forward to.

    The peak season starts, and the PP powder market trend is worth looking forward to.

    Since the beginning of 2022, restricted by various unfavorable factors, the PP powder market has been overwhelmed. The market price has been declining since May, and the powder industry is under great pressure. However, with the advent of the “Golden Nine” peak season, the strong trend of PP futures boosted the spot market to a certain extent. In addition, the rise in the price of propylene monomer gave strong support for powder materials, and businessmen’s mentality improved, and the powder material market prices began to rise. So can the market price continue to be strong in the later stage, and is the market trend worth looking forward to? In terms of demand: In September, the average operating rate of the plastic weaving industry has mainly increased, and the aver...
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