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Short Description:

Borouge Brand
HDPE| PE100 Black
Made In U.A.E

  • Price : 1100-1600 USD/MT
  • Port : Xingang, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo
  • MOQ: 17MT
  • CAS No: 9003-53-6
  • HS Code: 390311
  • Payment : TT, LC
  • Product Detail


    HE3488-LS-W is a black bimodal high-density polyethylene compound produced by the advanced Nordic Double Star Borstar® patented technology, with a pressure rating of 10MPa (PE100). Contains well dispersed carbon black for pressure pipes providing excellent UV resistance and specially developed formulation for water pipe applications. HE3488-LS-W fully complies with Chinese national standard GB/T 13663:2018.


    HE3488-LS-W is well designed for water supply pressure piping system. It has good resistance to fast and slow crack growth.


    In 25kg kraft bag.

    01 Density (mixture) 960kg/m3 ISO 1183
    02 MFR (190°C/5kg)  0.27g/10min ISO 1133
    03 Tensile Modulus (1mm/min)  1100MPa  ISO 527
    04 Elongation at break (50mm/min)  >600% ISO 527-2
    05 Tensile Yield Strength (50mm/min) 25MPa ISO 527-2
    06 Carbon black content   ≥2% ISO 6964
    07 Carbon black dispersibility ≤3 ISO 18553
    08 Oxidation induction time (210°C)  ≥20mins ISO 11357-6
    09 Resistance to rapid crack growth, S4 test+ >10bar ISO 13477
    10 Resistance to slow crack growth (9.2bar, 80oC)  >500hrs  ISO 13479

     Typical processing conditions for M500026T are: Barrel temperature: 180 - 230°C Mold temperature: 15 - 60 °C Injection pressure: 600 - 1000 Bar.


    Due to the inherent moisture absorption of carbon black, black compound PE is sensitive to moisture. Long storage time or harsh storage environment will increase the moisture content. Under general conditions and applications, we recommend preheating for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum temperature of 90 °C.


    HE3488-LS-W should be stored in a dry environment below 50°C and protected from UV rays. And prevent the dry environment of ultraviolet radiation. Inappropriate storage in excess can trigger degradation leading to off-odor and discoloration,which can adversely affect the physical properties of the product. More information on how to store the product should be included in the safety information sheet. When stored properly, the shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture.

    Recycle and Re-use

    This product is suitable for recycling using modern crushing and cleaning methods. The waste generated in the factory should be kept clean for direct recycling.

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