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HDPE 23050

Short Description:

Wanhua Chemical
HDPE| PE100 Nature
Made In China

  • Price : 1100-1600 USD/MT
  • Port : Xingang, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo
  • MOQ: 17MT
  • CAS No: 9003-53-6
  • HS Code: 390311
  • Payment : TT, LC
  • Product Detail


    HDPE 23050 is a HDPE with good processabiltiy for extrusion. The product provides excellent impact & creep resistance combined with erosion resistance and excellent stress crack resistance properties (ESCR). It also offers good electrical insulation properties and easy installation. HDPE 23050 is classified as an MRS 10.0 material (PE100).


    HDPE 23050 is recommended for pressure pipe systems in the applications field of: Drinking water, Natural gas, Pressure sewerage


    FFS bag: 25kg.

    Properties Typical Value Units Test Method
    Density 0.948 g/cm3 GB/T 1033.2-2010
    Melt Flow Rate (190℃/5kg) 0.23  g/10min GB/T 3682.1-2018 
    Tensile Stress at Yield 22 MPa GB/T 1040.2-2006
    Tensile Elongation at Break ≥600 % GB/T 1043.1-2008
    Charpy Impact Strength - Notched (23℃) 24 kJ/m2 GB/T 9341
    Flexural Modulus 1000 MPa GB/T 1040.2-2006
    Oxidation Induction Time (210℃, Al) >60 min GB/T 19466
    Rapid Crack Propagation (RCP, S4) ≥10  Bar ISO 13477 

    Notes: These are typical property values not to be construed as specification limits. Users shall determine whether the product is suitable for their use and can be used safely and legally.
    Recommended processing temperature: 190℃ to 220℃.

    Expiration Date

    Within 12 months after the production date. For more information about safety and environment, please refer to our SDS or contact our customer service center.


    Product should be stored in a clean, dry and well-ventilated warehouse with well-conditioned fire-fighting equipments. Keep away from heat and direct sunlight. Avoid storing in any open-air environment.

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