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Analysis on the Changes in the downstream consumption of PE in the future.

At present, the main downstream uses of polyethylene in my country include film, injection molding, pipe, hollow, wire drawing, cable, metallocene, coating and other main varieties.

The first to bear the brunt, the largest proportion of downstream consumption is film. For the film product industry, the mainstream is agricultural film, industrial film and product packaging film. However, in recent years, factors such as restrictions on plastic bags and the repeated weakening of demand due to the epidemic have repeatedly troubled them, and they are facing an embarrassing situation. The demand for traditional disposable plastic film products will be gradually replaced with the popularization of degradable plastics. Many film manufacturers are also facing industrial technological innovations, and are gradually developing towards recyclable industrial films with stronger quality and performance. However, due to the degradability of degradable plastic films, there are strong requirements for outer packaging, or the demand for outer packaging films that need to be stored for a long time beyond the degradation period, and industrial films and other fields are still irreplaceable, so film products will still be used. It has existed as the main product downstream of polyethylene for a long time, but there may be a slowdown in consumption growth and a decline in the proportion.

In addition, industries such as injection molding, pipes, and hollows that are closely related to production and life will remain the main consumer products downstream of polyethylene in the next few years, and will still be dominated by infrastructure, daily necessities, and civil tools and equipment. People’s livelihood is linked to durable goods, and the demand for product degradation is reduced. The main problem facing the above industries at present is that the growth rate of the real estate sector has stagnated in recent years. Due to factors such as negative feedback on residents’ consumption sentiment brought about by repeated epidemics, the development of the product industry is facing certain growth resistance. Therefore, the change in short-term proportion is relatively limited, less affected by degradation products, the pipe industry is more likely to be affected by policies, while injection molding and hollow products are more affected by residents’ consumption sentiment, and the growth rate will slow down for a period of time in the future possibility.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the individualization and humanization innovation of plastic products, as well as product quality innovation and customized production requirements are also constantly developing. Therefore, in the future, the plastic products industry will increase the demand for some raw materials that improve the performance of plastic products, such as metallocenes, rolling plastics, coating materials and other high value-added products or products with unique requirements in special fields. In addition, due to the concentrated production of upstream polyethylene production enterprises in recent years, resulting in serious product inversion, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine during the year caused high oil prices to push up downstream profits of ethylene, and the surge in cost and supply resulted in serious product homogeneity. Under the current situation, polyethylene Manufacturers are becoming more active in the production of high value-added products such as metallocenes, rotational molding, and coatings, in line with the development of downstream industries. Therefore, the growth rate of products may increase to a certain extent in the future.

In addition, as the epidemic continues repeatedly, as well as the research and development of new brands by manufacturers, polyethylene fibers, medical and protective product special materials are also gradually followed up and developed, and future demand will also increase steadily.

Post time: Dec-26-2022