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PLA porous microneedles: rapid detection of covid-19 antibody without blood samples

Japanese researchers have developed a new antibody based method for rapid and reliable detection of novel coronavirus without the need for blood samples. The research results were recently published in the journal Science report.
The ineffective identification of people infected with covid-19 has seriously limited the global response to COVID-19, which is exacerbated by the high asymptomatic infection rate (16% – 38%). So far, the main test method is to collect samples by wiping the nose and throat. However, the application of this method is limited by its long detection time (4-6 hours), high cost and the requirements for professional equipment and medical personnel, especially in countries with limited resources.
After proving that interstitial fluid may be suitable for antibody detection, researchers developed an innovative method of sampling and testing. First, researchers developed biodegradable porous microneedles made of polylactic acid, which can extract interstitial fluid from human skin. Then, they constructed a paper-based immunoassay biosensor to detect covid-19 specific antibodies. By integrating these two elements, the researchers created a compact patch that can detect antibodies on site in 3 minutes.

Post time: Jul-06-2022