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The growth rate of polypropylene production has slowed down, and the operating rate has slightly increased

The domestic polypropylene production in June is expected to reach 2.8335 million tons, with a monthly operating rate of 74.27%, an increase of 1.16 percentage points from the operating rate in May. In June, Zhongjing Petrochemical's 600000 ton new line and Jinneng Technology's 45000 * 20000 ton new line were put into operation. Due to poor production profits of the PDH unit and sufficient domestic general material resources, production enterprises faced significant pressure, and the start of new equipment investment is still unstable. In June, there were maintenance plans for several large facilities, including Zhongtian Hechuang, Qinghai Salt Lake, Inner Mongolia Jiutai, Maoming Petrochemical Line 3, Yanshan Petrochemical Line 3, and Northern Huajin. However, maintenance is still relatively concentrated, and the monthly maintenance volume is expected to be over 600000 tons, still at a high level. The overall supply in June slightly increased compared to the previous month.

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From a product perspective, due to the production of new equipment, the main focus is on homopolymer drawing, with a slight increase in drawing. In addition, seasonal demand has an impact, resulting in changes in product production. With the arrival of summer, the demand for meal box materials and milk tea cup materials has increased, leading to an increase in enterprise production. Plastic film packaging and tube materials are entering the off-season of demand, and the production of film and tube materials is expected to decrease.

From a regional perspective, there has been a significant increase in production in North China. Due to the launch of Jinneng Technology's new line and the commencement of operations at Hongrun Petrochemical and Dongming Petrochemical facilities, it is expected that production in North China will rebound to 68.88%. The load of Anhui Tianda New Equipment in East China has increased, and the centralized maintenance in this area has been completed, resulting in an increase in production in June. The number of maintenance facilities in the northwest region has increased, and multiple facilities such as Zhongtian Hechuang, Shenhua Ningmei, and Inner Mongolia Jiutai still have maintenance plans, resulting in a decrease in operating rate to 77%. There has been little change in production in other regions.

Post time: Jun-17-2024