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The staff in Chemdo are working together to fight the epidemic


In March 2022, Shanghai implemented the city's closure and control and prepared to carry out the "clearing plan". Now it is about the middle of April, we can only look at the beautiful scenery outside the window at home.
No one expected that the trend of the epidemic in Shanghai would become more and more severe, but this will never stop the enthusiasm of the whole Chemdo in the spring under the epidemic.
The whole staff of Chemdo implements "work at home". All departments work together and cooperate fully. Work communication and handover are carried out online in the form of video. Although our faces in the video are always without makeup, the serious attitude towards work overflows the screen.

Poor Omicron, no matter how it mutates and evolves, is just fighting alone. It will never defeat the wisdom of all mankind. Chemdo has made up its mind to fight the epidemic to the end, and every citizen of Shanghai is looking forward to walking freely on the road and sniffing the roses as soon as possible. We humans will win in the end.

Post time: Apr-12-2022