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Chemdo carries out work in Dubai to promote the internationalization of the company

C hemdo carries out work in Dubai to promote the internationalization of the company

 On May 15, 2023, the General Manager and Sales Manager of the company went to Dubai for inspection work, intending to internationalize Chemdo, enhance the company’s reputation, and build a strong bridge between Shanghai and Dubai.

Shanghai Chemdo Trading Limited is a professional company focusing on the export of plastic raw materials and degradable raw materials, headquartered in Shanghai, China. Chemdo has three business groups, namely PVC, PP and degradable. The websites are: www.chemdopvc.com, www.chemdopp.com, www.chemdobio.com. The leaders of each department have about 15 years of international trade experience and very senior product upstream and downstream industrial chain relations. Chemdo attaches great importance to the partnership with suppliers and customers, and has been committed to serving our partners for a long time.

The company has always been committed to customer satisfaction in terms of service. Sincerity is the foundation, quality wins, and excellence wins. The company will also provide professional services according to customer requirements. Our company strives for survival through quality and development through service in sales. We will strive to improve our own quality, strengthen internal management, increase the development of new products, continuously expand the market, and provide better services to every customer.

Chemdo will continue to explore and innovate in its future development path, and strive for progress. We will continue to meet customer needs with excellent quality, affordable prices, and thoughtful service. Welcome customers to come for consultation.

Post time: May-16-2023