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Polyvinyl Chloride Paste Resin P440 K73-75

Short Description:

  • FOB Price: 1200-1500 USD/MT
  • Port: Xingang, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo
  • MOQ: 17MT
  • CAS No: 9002-86-2
  • HS Code: 390410
  • Payment: TT, LC
  • Product Detail

    Product Parameters

    Product Paste: PVC Resin
    Chemical Formula: (CH2-CHCL)n

    Cas No: 9002-86-2
    Print Date: May 10th, 2020


    Polyvinyl chloride paste resin P440 adopts seed emulsion method and seed micro-suspension method, It uses technology from Mitsubishi Chemical Vinyl, Japan. It is a general-purpose resin with medium molecular weight, the degree of polymerization is about 1500, the k value is 73-75, good  transparency, thermal stability, water resistance, and weather resistance. 


    Polyvinyl chloride paste resin P440 is suitable for non-foaming and micro-foaming artificial leather, and can be used for spray dyeing metal coating, glass fiber, impregnating and general products.it is white powder,well compatible with plasticizers, organic Solvents and fillers.


    In net weight of 20kg or 25kg kraft bag or 1100kg jumbo bag.

    Storage and notices

    Stored in dry and ventilated place and multiple batches should be placed in different places to avoid sun and moisture. Clean transportation facilities should be adopted to prevent rain and pollution.




    Mean Degree of Polymerization, ≤

    1450 ± 200



    Viscidity, ml/g


    Brookfield Viscosity mpa.s DOP 60% 50r/m,  ≤


    Volatile (including water)%, ≤


    Residue VCM mg/kg, ≤


    Screen Residue (mesh 0.063mm)%,≤


    Impurity particle number, ≤


    Paste thickening rat (24h)/%,  ≤


    Whiteness (160℃,10min)/ % ,≥


    Chemdo Description About Pvc Paste Resin

    Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resin as the name suggests is that this resin is mainly used in the form of paste. People often call this paste plasticized paste. It is a unique liquid form of PVC plastic in the unprocessed state. Paste resins are often obtained by emulsion and micro suspension.

    Due to its fine particle size, PVC paste resin is like talc powder and has no fluidity. PVC paste resin is mixed with plasticizer and stirred to form a stable suspension, that is, PVC paste, or PVC plasticized paste and PVC sol, which is used to process into final products. In the paste making process, various fillers, diluents, heat stabilizers, foaming agents and light stabilizers are added according to the needs of different products.

    The development of PVC paste resin industry provides a new type of liquid material that can be transformed into PVC products only by heating. The liquid material has the advantages of convenient configuration, stable performance, easy control, convenient use, excellent product performance, good chemical stability, certain mechanical strength, easy coloring, etc. Therefore, it is widely used in the production of artificial leather, enamel toys, soft trademarks, wallpaper, paint coatings, foamed plastics, etc.

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