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PVC Resin Paste Grade P450 K66-68

Short Description:

  • FOB Price: 900-1200 USD/MT
  • Port: Xingang, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo
  • MOQ: 14MT
  • CAS No: 9002-86-2
  • HS Code: 390410
  • Payment: TT, LC
  • Product Detail

    Product Parameters

    Product: Paste PVC Resin
    Chemical Formula: (CH2-CHCL)n

    Cas No: 9002-86-2
    Print Date: May 10th, 2020


    White powder. It is well compatible with plasticizers, organic Solvents and fillers. It can be formed plastisol or organosol, and fabricated into diverse products

    Production Process

    Emulsion process which technology is from Mitsubishi Chemical Vinyl,Japan




    Main Application


    General purpose resin of medium weight, whose degree of polymerization of about 1500 and K value of 73 -75, with good transparency, thermal stability, water resistance and weather ability.

    Non-foamed and slightly-foamed artificial leather, which can be used to spray and dye metal coating, glass fibers, dipping and general-purpose products.


    Paste resin of low molecular weight, whose degree of polymerization of about 1000 and k value of 65, with good foaminess and high- speed coating ability, and content filler can be added. Foamed layer of elastic floor, foamed artificial leather and wall paper.


    In 25kg kraft bag or 1100kg jumbo bag.

    Storage and notices

    Stored in dry and ventilated place and multiple batches should be placed in different places to avoid sun and moisture. Clean transportation facilities should be adopted to prevent rain and pollution.





    Mean Degree of Polymerization ≤

    1450 ± 200

     1000 ± 150

    Brookfield Viscosity mpa.s DOP 60% 50r/m ≤



    Volatile (including water)% ≤



    Screen Residue (mesh 0.063mm)% ≤



    Residue VCM mg/kg ≤



    Impurity particle number ≤



    Pvc Paste Resin Detailed Application

    In China, PVC paste resin mainly has the following applications:

    Artificial leather industry: overall market supply and demand balance. However, affected by the development of PU leather, the demand for artificial leather in Wenzhou and other major paste resin consumption places is restricted to a certain extent. The competition between PU leather and artificial leather is fierce.

    Floor leather industry: affected by the shrinking demand for floor leather, the demand for paste resin in this industry has decreased year by year in recent years.

    Glove material industry: the demand is large, mainly imported, which belongs to processing with supplied materials. In recent years, some domestic manufacturers have set foot in the glove material industry, which not only partially replaces imports, but also the sales volume is increasing year by year. As the domestic medical gloves Market has not been opened and a fixed consumer group has not been formed, there is still a large development space for medical gloves.

    Wallpaper industry: with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the development space of wallpaper, especially high-grade decorative wallpaper, is expanding. Such as hotels, entertainment places and some household decoration, the demand for wallpaper is expanding.

    Toy industry: the market demand for paste resin is relatively stable.

    Plastic dipping industry: the demand for paste resin is increasing year by year; For example, advanced plastic dipping is mainly used in electric handles, medical devices, etc.

    Conveyor belt industry: the demand is stable, but the benefits of downstream enterprises are poor.

    Automotive decorative materials: with the rapid development of China's automotive industry, the demand for paste resin for automotive decorative materials is also expanding

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