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EU: mandatory use of recycled materials, recycled PP soaring!

According to icis It is observed that market participants often lack sufficient collection and sorting capacity to meet their ambitious sustainable development goals, which is particularly prominent in the packaging industry, which is also the biggest bottleneck faced by polymer recycling.
At present, the sources of raw materials and waste packages of three major recycled polymers, recycled PET (RPET), recycled polyethylene (R-PE) and recycled polypropylene (r-pp), are limited to a certain extent.
In addition to energy and transportation costs, the shortage and high price of waste packages have driven the value of renewable polyolefins to a record high in Europe, resulting in an increasingly serious disconnect between the prices of new polyolefin materials and renewable polyolefins, which has existed in the r-PET food grade pellet Market for more than a decade.
“In the speech, the European Commission pointed out that the main factors leading to the failure of plastic recycling are the actual collection operation and the fragmentation of infrastructure, and stressed that plastic recycling needs the coordinated action of the whole recycling industry.” Helen McGeough, senior analyst of plastic recycling at ICIS, said.
“ICIS’ mechanical recycling supply tracker records the total output of European equipment producing r-PET, r-pp and R-PE operating at 58% of the installed capacity. According to the relevant data analysis, improving the quantity and quality of raw materials will help to improve the existing recycling efficiency and promote investment in new capacity.” Helen McGeough added.

Post time: Jul-05-2022