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The sales manager of Chemdo attended the meeting in Hangzhou !

Longzhong 2022 Plastics Industry Development Summit Forum was successfully held in Hangzhou on August 18-19, 2022. Longzhong is an important third-party information service provider in the plastics industry. As a member of Longzhong and an industry enterprise, we are honored to be invited to participate in this conference.
This forum brought together many outstanding industry elites from upstream and downstream industries. The current situation and changes of the international economic situation, the development prospects of the rapid expansion of domestic polyolefin production capacity, the difficulties and opportunities faced by the export of polyolefin plastics, the application and development direction of plastic materials for household appliances and new energy vehicles under the requirements of low-carbon and environmentally friendly green development were discussed. , as well as the application and development of biodegradable plastic film, etc.
By participating in this conference, Chemdo has gained more understanding of the development of the industry and of the upstream and downstream industries of the industry. Comed will continue to promote the export of more domestic polyolefin raw materials and contribute to the development of China’s polyolefin industry.

Post time: Aug-22-2022