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Polypropylene Resin PPH-Y26 (Z30S)

Short Description:

  • FOB Price: 1150-1400USD/MT
  • Port: Xingang, Shanghai, Ningbo,Guangzhou
  • MOQ: 16MT
  • CAS No: 9003-07-0
  • HS Code: 39021000
  • Payment: TT/LC
  • Product Detail


    Polypropylene(PP) , a kind of non-toxic,odorless, tasteless opalescent polymer with high crystallization, the melting point among 164-170℃, the density among 0.90-0.91g/cm3, the molecular weight is about 80,000-150,000. PP is one of the lightest plastic of all varieties at present, particularly stable in water, with a water absorption rate in water for 24 hours is only 0.01%.

    Application Direction

    PPH-Y26(Z30S) adopts SINOPEC second-generation loop polypropylene complete process technology. It mainly used in high-speed and ultra-high speed spinning, spunbonded non-woven fabrics and other production fields,and has a wide range of applications,in the three fields of decoration, medical and health materials and clothing.

    Product Packaging

    In 25kg bag, 16MT in one 20fcl without pallet or 26-28MT in one 40HQ without pallet or 700kg jumbo bag, 26-28MT in one 40HQ without pallet.

    Typical Characteristic





    Melt mass flow rate(MFR) Standard value



    GB/T 3682.1-2018

    Melt mass flow rate(MFR) Deviation value



    GB/T 3682.1-2018

    Tensile yield stress



    GB/T 1040.2-2006

    Fish eye 0.8mm

    Per 1520/cm2


    GB/T 6595/1986

    Fish eye 0.4mm

    Per 1520/cm2


    GB/T 6595/1986




    GB/T 9341-2008

    Product Transportation

    Polypropylene resin is a non-hazardous goods.Throwing and using sharp tools like hook is strictly forbidden during transportation.Vehicles should be kept clean and dry. it must not be mixed with sand, crushed metal, coal and glass, or toxic, corrosive or flammable materials in transportation. It is strictly forbidden to be exposed to the sun or rain.

    Product Storage

    This product should be stored in a well ventilated, dry, clean warehouse with effective fire protection facilities. It should be kept far away from heat sources and direct sunlight. The storage is strictly prohibited in open air. A rule of storage should be followed. The storage period is not more than 12 months since the date of production.

    Some Important Area Of Pp Applications In China

    Household appliances:
    In recent years, China's household electrical appliance industry has developed rapidly, with many varieties and large output. In 2003, China produced 18.5 million refrigerators, 42 million air conditioners, 17 million washing machines, and 35 million microwave ovens. According to the "2004-2006 China Urban Home Theater Market Research and Consultation Report", it is expected that China's home theater system market will reach 6.9 million units in the next three years. In addition, various small household appliances also have a huge potential market, which is an excellent business opportunity for modified PP. Some plastic raw material manufacturers in China have developed special materials for washing machines, such as PP 1947 series and K7726 series, which are welcomed by washing machine manufacturers. Therefore, in the next few years, the development of PP special materials for household appliances should be increased to meet the changing needs of the market.

    Plastic pipe:
    In 2003, the national total output of plastic pipes exceeded 1.8 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 23%. In the early days, PP pipes were mainly used as agricultural water pipes, but the market failed to open due to some problems in the performance of the early products (impact strength and poor aging resistance). With the introduction of foreign advanced technology by Shanghai Plastic Building Materials Factory, after the pipes for conveying cold and hot water produced by imported PP-R materials have been recognized by the market, many manufacturers have built PP-R pipe production lines, and the price has also been increased by the production line. The initial price of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan/t has continued to fall, but the market share of PP-R pipes in the plastic pipe market is still very low. According to reports, there is still a certain gap between domestic PP-R materials and imported materials, and the quality needs to be improved and improved. According to reports, South Korea has developed a new grade of random copolymer polypropylene PP-R 112 for high-pressure water supply pipes. The pipes produced by this grade can be used for 50 years under ultra-high pressure conditions of 20 ° C and 11.2 MPa.
    Plastic pipes are one of the key products for the promotion and application of chemical building materials in China. The Ministry of Construction issued a "Notice on Strengthening the Production Management and Promotion and Application of Copolymerized Polypropylene (PP-R, PP-B) Pipes" in 2001, requiring relevant departments Work together to do a good job in raw materials, processing, quality and pipe use, installation, etc., and strictly control the quality of PP pipes, so as to better do a good job in the production, application and promotion of PP pipes in China.

    Highly transparent material:
    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, it will inevitably bring about different requirements and improvements in various aspects such as culture, entertainment, food, medical care, materials, and room decoration. Many items in the market are increasingly using transparent materials. Therefore, the development of transparent PP special materials is a good development trend, especially the PP special materials with high transparency, good fluidity and fast forming are required in order to be designed and processed into popular PP products. Transparent PP is more characteristic than ordinary PP, PVC, PET, PS, and has more advantages and development prospects.
    In recent years, the foreign transparent PP market has grown rapidly. For example, South Korea has introduced transparent PP to the market as a substitute for PET; some German companies have replaced PVC with transparent PP; the growth rate of transparent PP products in the United States is 7% higher than that of ordinary PP products~ 9%; In recent years, the annual consumption of PP nucleating and transparent agent in Japan is about 2000t. If the addition amount is 0.25%, the annual output of transparent PP material in Japan can reach more than 800,000t. According to the introduction of Japan Physical and Chemical Co., Ltd., Japan's transparent PP special materials are used in microwave cookers and furniture with the largest consumption. It is estimated that the demand for transparent PP special materials in foreign markets in 2005 is about 5 million to 5.5 million tons. There is a big gap between domestic transparent PP special materials and foreign countries, and the production and application of transparent PP resin and its products still need to be strengthened.

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